wild south London escorts and people love me

I have been a south London escort from https://charlotteaction.org/south-london-escorts for two years now. I have loved this job since it helps me in my financial needs. But before it, I came to a low-income family that’s why I need to strive harder. I haven’t finished my school. I was active joining beauty pageant since I got beauty and brain why would I not use it? It helps me to buy my necessities and give a little extra to my parents. I was the funny, bubbly and positive vibes of the family. All the foolishness in life vested with me. I don’t take life seriously it will just get me too old and dead. I became my stress reliever of the family when dealing with problems. I have to make sure to make them feel a little happy. My family was my life, and everything to me. I am proud of God’s creation, so I became South London Escort. I have this one client who has been my best friend after; He had booked me to come to an event. So, we have agreed for everything and send me things to wear. I was not a typical escort, and I am talkative and cheerful. I have everything to say even in the smallest thing. I don’t sit like an elegant lady, and I do my own. I drink too much and dance with people. I don’t mind people’s thinking of me; only matter is that I’m happy and my client also. I sang whenever I’m drunk and speak silly things. But I don’t have intercourse with them. They have called me wild but at least not in bed. My client was entertained with me and offered to get me a scholarship. I haven’t expected that, but I have grabbed the opportunity. He had able to enter me to school and even recommended me to his friends to become my clients. I still need to continue to be an escort since I still need to pay for miscellaneous fees and support me daily. Being an escort helped me a lot. I have learned many things from different people. Engaged in many follies and people love me being that way. Another client had booked me, and it was his first time to have an escort. To avoid awkwardness, I need to make a move like making jokes and face dance. Silence turns to laughing and enjoying the moments. When we got into the event, It was very early for us to have a drink but I went to the kitchen and gave him a glass of wine. He was shocked, but I winked at him. He smiles and offers me to sit. But I refuse instead of having a seat and discuss boring topics, and I danced at his lap, and people were surprised. And then I scream ‚ÄúTurn the music and let’s have some dance people.” Everyone heard me and started dancing on their own. The event turned into a disco pub.

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