The agency has taken over and run by a very experienced madame and the new owner – Holloway escorts

The new owner is an American lady who wants to introduce a lot more exciting services to Holloway. At the moment, she thinks that the escort services in Holloway have become a bit stale, and she would like to introduce some new fun dating for gents from all over London to enjoy. The focus will be on the more adventurous styles of dating, she says. According to Holloway escorts from

Stacey owned an agency back in the United States before getting married to an English guy. She quickly moved to London, and after having a few months to settle in, she decided to invest in an escorts agency. At the time, Holloway escorts services were up for sale, so went ahead and purchased the agency. Stacey recognized that she was not very familiar with running a London escorts agency, so she employed a madame called Eve. She felt that the agency still needed a British touch, which Eve managed to bring.

Today, things have changed a lot, and Holloway escorts. There are some exciting new additions to some stunning new escorts. Stacey says that the agency had focused on employing many brunettes in recent years, so there was a shortage of exciting blondes. It is one of the first things that she corrected, and after that, she also made sure that the girls were happy. The agency used to be run by a man, and unfortunately, he did not listen to the girls, says Stacey. All of that has changed now, and there is always someone here to look after the girls.

Stacey is also planning to add a lot of new exciting services. For instance, in the next couple of months, she will start a couple of duo dating teams, but she has many other exciting ideas in the pipeline. Dinner dating is a big thing in the US, but it does not seem to happen a lot over here, she says. I want Holloway escorts services to have an experienced duo dating and dinner, dating team. Of course, they can’t be the same girls, but I do think the girls can handle that sort of service.

It sounds like Stacey has a lot of exciting plans for the agency. It certainly helps that Stacey is pulling many new ideas for Holloway escorts from the United States. It will give the agency a unique place in the London community, and you often find that gents like to experience new things when it comes to escorting. Tried and tested dating techniques work just fine, but the original is always welcome by all gents, whether they date regularly or not. I am sure that the Holloway girls will do very well with their new owner and madame.

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