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I thought that things are going okay with my long time boyfriend but as time goes by it feels like everything has change. I never thought that we will end up like this after all that we have been through together. it was being a London escort I am truly feel happy and content. I never been this more happy if I never learn to let go. I am thankful that I became a London escort because it helps me to move on and find myself again. One of the difficult moment in our life is feeling unloved and scared. I am so disappointed what had happened to us. But slowly I finally find the way to happiness. maybe I should stop thinking about the past and so start to love my new life. love will eventually come to my life and I just have to wait for it. I am not in rush today but I’m glad that I finally set myself free from people who became so toxic and negative in my life.

I just want to be happy and find peace. I want to find someone who will never hurt my feelings at all and will always appreciate me no matter what. I just want to find a good man and build a family with him. Five years later being a London escort from it did help me in finding that dreams of my life. I met George, he was consistent in booking me at all. he was handsome but I am so drowned in her attitude. I love how he thinks and vulnerable to other people. I could say that being handsome is only a bonus after all. I and George became so close that I slowly fall in love with him. I wish that he is too. but it took him 6 years to finally confess his feelings with me. Glad that I never entertained anyone which there are lots of suitors I have. I am waiting for George to come in my life and love me. I know that he is different from the last person I love. I want to spend my life with George I saw him in his worst and best. I saw George being only him. To me it was a good thing that that pain I went through came to me. I am glad that I finally set my life into a new chapter. I never was this good person than before. I love how being a London escort has change me. I and George continue to be together and as of writing this today I am his wife. I never was so happy in my life. it takes as a lot of challenges before we found the right person in us. and I’m so happy that with George I slowly make my dreams come true. I love my family with all my heart and mind. I will never trade this to anything else.

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