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How can people still hurt a person like my girlfriend? She is the sweetest person I’ve ever meet. She is one of the people that I know who genuinely cares about the people around her very much. But even though she is kind all the time with her co-workers, they still give her a hard time every day. Even her boss, no matter how hard she works at work, he always finds a way to humiliate my girlfriend in front of many people, which is very upsetting to hear.

But we both know that we don’t have a choice. But my girlfriend always asked me why she is still getting hurt every time even though she does not do bad things to people, and it’s excruciating to hear that kind of words from her. She grew up innocent from the world, and the people around her knew that and took advantage of her. There was one co-worker of her that borrowed money from her, which is a considerable amount. She told me that her co-worker said she needed her sick son’s capital, which turned out a big fat lie.

A year later, she still did me pay my girlfriend back at all, and when she asked about the money, she always denies that she borrowed money from my girlfriend. People like that will not be allowed to benefit from their lie. It’s very upsetting because she always gets hurt at the end, even if she knows that helping others is not the right decision to make, she still does it, and it’s very frustrating for me because I’m the one who picks up the pieces every time. She is a beautiful lady, and any man would be lucky to love her; that’s why I persevere. I’ve decided that taking the good and the bad is the only thing to do right now.

Leaving her is not an option for me even if it’s already causing me a lot of stress; there is still a lot of love. She has no family already because her mother and father died of old age a long time ago, and she is the only child in the family. She is the last person remaining with her family, which is pretty sad if I think about it. But with London escort from, I have enough courage to persevere and hold on to my girlfriend. London escorts are the reason why my girlfriend and I are still together. Booking London escorts are good for me.

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