Booking a London escort when i was so heartbroken

Life is not always happy, sometimes we have to feel pain or sadness to grow. One of the most painful in life is when someone you love leaves you. This is not new anymore to everyone; i was also a victim of love just like every one of us. And the pain i have to go through was not that easy at all. There are times that my life becomes so messed up. I thought things will get better for me, but its not that ways at all. I went through hell just to prove to this person that i can live life without her at all. It was so hard for me to continued to live at that moment; i could never see myself happy again. My ex-girlfriend and i are in a relationship for more than eight years, and that long years, i have been faithful to her. She is just the only woman i ever love this for real. London escort of is all that i care about; she keeps making me happy and making me smile. There is no words that can love me for real but this woman of mine. She is the first person who keeps pushing me to move on and start again. Letting go is not an easy task after all, you have to let go too all the memories you had with the person because if not, you will stuck in that forever. I admit how this person has changed me into something better. I know that life would never be the same if not because of a London escort. Having such woman gives meaning to my life that i should have to go on.


One day, i realized that i should have stop crying all over again and think about the past. My ex now is somewhat happy, and here i am being stocked with the person who cheated on me. I resigned with my job, its the first step i made so far. There are still a lot of decisions i have to make in order to have a new life. Having someone that makes you feel a better person is one of the best thing you could ever ask for. The next thing i did, is packed up all my things and bought a ticket going to London. Its a place in London which i find so beautiful and amazing. I sold my house at California, to stay in London for good. I knew that these big decisions i made will somehow return me a big favour too. I heard a lot of London escorts in town. They were praise by lots of people for being so pretty. Such woman’s really makes every lonely man’s there a better one. I never doubt booking a London escort to ease the pain i felt in my heart. i was never go wrong in booking a London escort because such lovely ladies are not boring companions.

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