An open minded London escorts

In the last couple of months since leaving London escorts and starting my new business, I have ended up with many new friends. Sure, I still have many friends at London escorts still, and I do miss not seeing them more often. When I worked as an Outcall escorts, I realized that I was bisexual and used to get involved with both duo dating and escorts for couples. However, since I left, I think that I am more into women than men. The worst problem is, that I fallen in love with my new best friend.


When I set up my own business, it soon became apparent that I needed an accountant. Not only did I want to get all of the accounting right, but I wanted to make sure that I did not pay too much tax at the same time. In the end, through my old boss at London escorts, I found a nice company of accountants. They had dealt with my former London escorts’ boss business and seemed to be very open minded and easy to deal with. Just what I wanted and needed at the time.


Running a sex toy business is not for everyone, and I am pretty sure that most firm of accountants may not have been comfortable with that at all. So, when I finally got going with my business, I knew that I would have to ask my former boss at London escorts for some advice. My former boss at London companions was delighted to help me, and I also think that he was secretly proud of me. We had always had a good relationship and now that relationship is even better.


Anyway, my new accountant at the agency was a really nice girl called Angelika. She was not only very nice; she was also great looking. To be honest, she would have done really well working for London escorts, but I never told her so. Instead I explained about my business. She suggested that we go out for lunch, and for some reason, I found her very easy to talk to. I told her about having worked for London escorts, and it did not worry her at all.


Over the following weeks, Angelika and I became very close, and I fell in love with her. Now a few weeks down the line, we are spending even more time together and we do enjoy each other company. The thing is that I think that she is gay. I would love to kiss her, but I am afraid to ruin something beautiful. Kissing her would be a dream come true, and I think that I just need to ask her if she is gay or not. As she has never mentioned a lover, I think that it is very likely that she is, but I want to be sure. It is the first time I have been in love with a girl like Angelika and I keep worrying that we are too different, and may be interpreting things differently.

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