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He never betrayed me, I know. Yesterday, in an email with us that we both used, I saw he had a friend request from an old friend. He obviously didn’t try to hide it. He doesn’t even delete it, Romford Escorts said. I saw him on his friends list and he wasn’t even there, so I’m sure my husband didn’t even accept the request. Now I am panicking, although it is clear I have no reason for that. This is not the first time this has happened. I always suspected that my husband had a money problem, even though he never refused a check and never caught him doing something financial that would endanger us. When he suspected him, of course he was angry with me. He said he felt he could not win with me, Romford Escorts from says. He said I was always looking for mistakes. He was right, but I could not stop my suspicion. It’s just a feeling that bothers me and I don’t know why. Is there an idea why I feel like that? Is my intuition trying to tell me something?

Ask if you are projecting something from your past into the present: This question is difficult to answer because surveys show that a woman’s intuition may be right, Romford Escorts says. We all have this experience when we think we only “know” something right, and then it turns out we have developed our own concerns about this problem and are completely wrong. Not only are we worried about unnecessary things, but also the injured person we suspect, even though he is not at all guilty, Romford Escorts says.

I suspect several reasons why this can happen. The first is the fear of future unwanted results. We are afraid of losing our husband. So we approached the situation with fear. Maybe because of something that has happened to us in the past, we expect the worst, so we always look for it, Romford Escorts says.

In my case, I have found that, at least in me, this is caused by various problems. I have a good therapist who confirms that this might be the problem. And although I can’t tell you for sure whether this is your question, I think it’s very common among women whose fathers don’t exist or don’t exist. My parents divorced. After their divorce, I moved from very close to my father, so I often saw him. That is why I feel rather abandoned by the man who is closest to me and who is most needed and wanted, Romford Escorts says.

I suspected that I was always afraid my husband would leave me, Romford Escorts says. So I always look for signs that he is not happy or unhappy. Ironically, at first he was unhappy, but after dealing with my fears and accusations for quite a long time, he finally became unhappy.

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