Would you like me to make your night special…

My name is Mercedes and I would like to have a chance to make your night special. I am not sure if you have ever enjoyed the company of escorts before, but let me tell you that dating escorts in Croydon is very popular. We have such an office culture here in Croydon that in general a lot of the local girls are rather boring. They are much more interested in sucking up to their bosses in their pretty little navy suits. That is not what Croydon escorts of fantastic escorts in Croydon are all about, we would rather suck up to you.

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Have you ever had a tall blonde suck up to you? If you haven’t I would like to be the first girl to do so. With my long blond hair and sexy legs, I could be the perfect date for you this evening. For all I know, you may even want to take me out and show me off to your friends. That is not a problem at all, and all of the girls here at Croydon escorts would probably like to suck up to you. Is it just the kind of girls that we are.

I like to be your special girl if you know what I mean. When I first started in escorting, gents used to date around a lot more. Now a lot of gents like to have a favorite hot babe who knows him a bit more personally/. Tell me, do you know any girl personally from Croydon escorts? If you don’t I think it is about time you did so. You know, it is very nice to have your own personal companion who like to have and party a lot. Do you like to party? I have a sneak suspicion that you do, and I would like to party with you.

Do you like to party in any special way? I have my own personal way to party. If you like, I make the best use of my personal assets that way. The way I party is not in the same sort of way ordinary girls party. I would say that the majority of the girls at Croydon escorts party in their own personal ways. With my long blond hair, I am the sort of girl you would like to take out to party with at first, and after that, we can go back to your place and party some more. Believe me, I know exactly what I would like to do to you tonight.

I am not sure that it is so smart to meet in a pub the first time we meet. It could be better if I come across to your place first of all. Like I said, I would love to have a really good time with you and I am sure that a lot guys may be a little bit jealous when they see us together. It would be a good idea to meet in your own place so I can finally have a chance to know you. Once we have done, I would like you to know that you are free to give me a call at Croydon escorts. It could be that you are feeling a bit lonely or just missing some female company. Anyway, I would like you to know that I will be there for you.

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