Sexy Twin Escorts

Most gents who use the London escorts service that I work for don’t know that my twin sister works for another London escorts service. The other day I had to have an emergency day off because my cat needed an operation, so I swapped with my twin sister. I was really lucky as my sister had the day off from the escort agency that she works for during the week. If she hadn’t, I think that I could have lost a couple of my favorite gents.

We have done this sort of thing before. Okay, I admit that we have never done it at London escorts before, but we have done it to our boyfriends. This time things were different and I had to make sure that my sister knew a little bit about the regular gents who were going to turn up that day. The night before our swap at London escorts, I briefed my sister on everything that she needed to know at least I thought so. The problem is that my two twin sister is really a bit of a scatterbrain and does not always take everything onboard. I am sure that she does not mean, but she does have a tendency to forget things.

One of my gents visiting me that afternoon, was a gent who is really into role play. He always wants me to dress up for and his favorite is the Naughty Nurse. My sister is really not that into role play, so she had to borrow my costume. It is never a problem at all as we are the same size. But, unfortunately my sister got in wrong and ended up as a police woman. I always thought that my date hated that kind of role play, but my sister reported back and said that he had enjoyed being arrested by the police woman.

Of course, none of my dates at London escorts that afternoon suspected anything at all. I forgot all about until next week, when the gents were going to visit me again. All of them said that they had enjoyed my company last week. Finally, I was able to slip on my nurse’s uniform and meet up with my gent who really liked nurses. As he knocked on the door, I hid behind the door and waited for him to come in. He did finally come in with a surprised look on his face. I thought we had agreed that you would arrest me again. Hastily I claimed that I had a blonde moment and a really busy day at London escorts.

As I walked into the living room in front of him, he asked me what had happened to my tattoo. He said that he dates a few girls at London escorts, but never girls with tattoos as he does not like them. However, he said that he had admired my new tattoo last week when he visited me at London escorts. Of course, my sister has a tattoo. How could I have forgotten that? Little wonder that my visitors that day at London escorts looked at me a little bit strangely… the tattoo had after all disappeared! Now who is a scatterbrain?

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