Dating Escorts In London Twins

My twin sister and I work as a duo dating London escorts. I think that we are the only duo dating twins here in London and we really do well. Working for escorts in London is great job, and being a twin has its advantages. It is kind of fun to swap dates sometimes, and most of our dates don’t realize that we have swapped. We have been doing that ever since we started to date for escorts in London, and I know that my sister really does get a kick out of it.

Of course, that is not the only naughty trick that we get up to as twins. A few months back, we even swapped boyfriends. It was just one of those things that we fancied. The funny thing was that they did not suspect at all. My sister had briefed me on all of the sorts of things her boyfriend did. For instance, her boyfriend always runs her a bath when she comes homes from escorts in London. My boyfriend fixes me a Gin and Tonic when I get home from London escorts.

Before we used to work for London escorts,w e used to work on the cosmetics counter at a London department store. We got a real kick out of that as well, and many of our clients thought it was great fun that we were twins. Our make-up was always done in the same sort of way. Here at escorts in London we keep up many of those habits. For instance we always buy the same lingerie and sexy gear for our work at London escorts. Once again, it is something we both get a kick out of when we work.

Duo dating for escorts in London is a great turn on as well. Many of our dates just arrange dates with us because we are twins. Can you tell us apart? To make sure that our dates at London escorts can tell us apart, we do one nail differently. My sister has an artistic motive of a butterfly on the little finger nail on her left hand, and I have a rose on the same nail. It is our little distinction mark and I think that a lot of our dates find it kind of sexy. It is just a little sign that we belong together and they can tell us apart if they need to.

Are we kinky? I think that my sister and I are kind of kinky. Our relationship is unique here at London escorts and a bit naughty, but nobody seems to mind. Most of the gents who use London escorts are kind of open minded and they don’t seem to care that are duod ating twins/ We have tons of fun duo dating. One to one dating is fun as well and sometimes I invite my sister alone has a surprise. When I do that, I often get a duo date from the same gents the next time he gives escorts in London a call.

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