A Partner Swapping Story

Me and my wife have been together for many years and we have always had an active and experimental sex life. Recently we decided that we would like to give swinging a go and so we began thinking about how this would happen. We decided that we would find a swingers’ party and then went to this to see what would happen. We are both open-minded and love the idea of having someone else that could be involved in the lovemaking experience.

We made our way to the swingers’ party one evening and there were many beautiful people there. One young female was by herself and we could tell that she was interested in us. We began drinking wine together and slowly began to get to know each other. As the drinks continued to flow, we started kissing and we then found a private room and explored each other. However, we decided that we would wait for the full experience and decided to leave together and go back to our home. When we got back to our home we quickly began getting undressed and the young female and my wife started kissing. They removed their pants and started licking each other’s vaginas. I watched and this made me feel incredibly erotic.

The young woman then came over and began removing my clothes as I kissed my wife. She then began giving me a blow job as I continued kissing my wife and this became incredibly erotic for me. I then began making love to the young woman and continued to kiss my wife as I did so. We then took it in turns and I made love to my wife. We continued to make love all night and took it in turns to play with each other. Every now and again we would all have a rest and drink wine and chat. Before long, we would be ready again and would begin exploring each other and making love. I decided that I wanted to orgasm and ejaculated into my wife’s mouth but the young girl wanted some as well so I made sure that I gave them both some.

They then took it in turns to give me a blow job and caressed my penis. I then kissed them and licked their vaginas until they both had an orgasm. When we were finished, we decided that we would meet again, as the night had been an erotic and sexual success. It wasn’t long before we were meeting again and enjoying our bodies again.

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